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Turgeau Law Firm, LLC represents clients from both the North Shore and the South Shore as well as throughout the Florida Parishes. 
Turgeau Law Firm, LLC offers professional legal services in the following areas:
              *PERSONAL INJURY                            **CRIMINAL LAW
   Automobile & Motorcycle Accidents             Felonies - Misdemeanors
         Wrongful Death Cases                    DWI / DUI - Traffic
          18-Wheeler Accident                  TROs - Protective Orders
         Serious Personal Injury             Expungements - Revocations
                Slip and Fall                              Bond Reduction  
               FAMILY LAW                           JUVENILE LAW
      Divorce - Property Division                    Misdemeanors
      Child Custody & Visitation                         Felonies
Child Support - Intrafamily Adoptions            Revocations
                Interdictions                              Emancipations
                                  GENERAL CIVIL LAW
                                      Power of Attorney
                                      Wills - Successions
                                Collections - Name Changes
                                      Contract Disputes
*Turgeau Law Firm, LLC offers FREE consultation on all Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases.
**Turgeau Law Firm, LLC facilitates substance abuse rehabilitation for our clients.